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2527 NW Monroe Ave.
Corvallis, OR 97330
(541) 757-7221


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Monday thru Friday
11am – Midnight
Sat.: 5pm – Midnight

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For more than 20 years, Bombs Away Café has been a vibrant part of the Corvallis and Oregon State University campus communities.

Serving Southwestern fare with a Northwest twist, we consistently deliver excellent food, made with local ingredients, at affordable prices. We offer a wide selection of local microbrews, the region’s largest variety of tequila, and a fantastic selection of cocktails in our spacious front room and the intimate Back Alley!

We are committed to the arts, as evidenced by our support for the best live local and national music, and our galleries showcasing Oregon’s best visual artists. Bombs is your place to eat, drink, dance and just enjoy time with friends and co-workers.

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Featured Music

Jul 8

Starfleet featuring NappyT

9 p – Free

Jul 9

Curtis Monette

8:30 p – Free
For over 10 years, this local guitar legend has been looping, singing and shredding with friends from audiophilia at Bombs Away Cafe. Make tonight the night you hear this very talented axeman.

Jul 10

Scratchdog Stringband and Pretty Gritty

9 p – Free
Scratchdog Stringband on Facebook
Masterfully mixing upright bass, fiddle, guitar and banjo with three voices, Scratchdog Stringband has an innovative and dynamic approach to string band music. This trio embraces it’s inherent bluegrass/Americana roots while seamlessly incorporating elements of jazz, country, rock and blues, making for a groove-stomp’in, on-your-toes musical experience for audiences and performers alike. Each a unique and expressive songwriter, Andrew DeRossett, Kimbo Slice, and James Rossi unite one another’s ideas into a flow of harmonized concepts and emotions while bringing it forth with a raw passion.
Pretty Gritty Official Website
Pretty Gritty is the serendipitous joining of the talents of Blaine Heinonen and Sarah Wolff, both born and raised in Montgomery County, MD. Although they originate from different rock bands, fate brought them together at local “open-mic” nights, where it became evident that they shared an interest in writing and performing songs that mix country, rock, blues, and soul. It’s said that she brings the “pretty” while he brings the “gritty”, combining for an engaging alt-country duo with seducing harmonies and addicting acoustics.

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Local Artist: Jake Dorr

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