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2527 NW Monroe Ave.
Corvallis, OR 97330
(541) 757-7221


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Monday thru Friday
11am – Midnight
Sat.: 5pm – Midnight

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For more than 20 years, Bombs Away Café has been a vibrant part of the Corvallis and Oregon State University campus communities.

Serving Southwestern fare with a Northwest twist, we consistently deliver excellent food, made with local ingredients, at affordable prices. We offer a wide selection of local microbrews, the region’s largest variety of tequila, and a fantastic selection of cocktails in our spacious front room and the intimate Back Alley!

We are committed to the arts, as evidenced by our support for the best live local and national music, and our galleries showcasing Oregon’s best visual artists. Bombs is your place to eat, drink, dance and just enjoy time with friends and co-workers.

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Featured Music

Apr 23

Direct Divide

9 p – Free
Direct Divide Official Website
Not one to bandy about the word “epic” very often, Direct Divide‘s music definitely brings about that descriptive. After a couple of listens to their debut album titled Bridges, it becomes clear that this is not just a band playing at folly, creating songs with interesting time changes and melodies just because they can…It is in the use of serious subject matter along with well-executed hard rock songs shimmering with the backing of piano and violin that gives this band a major boost. Combining the hard and the soft, the serious and the playful, the pain and the beauty, is what totally works for them.

Apr 24

The Starship Renegade and Jet Force Gemini

9 p – Free
The Starship Renegade on Reverbnation
Salem, OR alt-rockers bring a powerful sound to BAC.
Jet Force Gemini on Reverbnation
With their debut album Pistola Melodica due to release in the Summer of 2014, Jet Force Gemini is preparing for an all out assault on today’s modern rock scene. The band pulls no punches with what promoter Leslie J Bialik calls ““…a perfect blend of straight-ahead raucous rock style, with very timely and relevant lyrics.” It is with this unapologetic style that Jet Force Gemini make themselves known. Not relying on hyperbole or clichés to define themselves; JFG uses a combination of high energy live performances, anthem-like choruses, and a series of original viral video content to stand apart from the atypical alternative rock genre. Simply put; it is animated, explosive, entertainment.

Apr 25

Space Neighbors

10 p – $5
Space Neighbors on Facebook
The Space Neighbors are an eclectic group of folks centered in the vibrant cosmic vortex of Southtown Corvallis. Blasting off at the speed of fun, the Neighbors aim to make you feel at home so you can kick off the space boots and get your groove on! The crew brings a wide range of jam experience to the launch pad, with representatives from some familiar Corvallis jam institutions as well as some newer intergalactic travelers. So suit up and moonwalk over to the Space Neighbor’s unique mash of roots funk, lover’s rock , and good cosmic vibes!

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