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2527 NW Monroe Ave.
Corvallis, OR 97330
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Monday thru Friday
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For more than 20 years, Bombs Away Café has been a vibrant part of the Corvallis and Oregon State University campus communities.

Serving Southwestern fare with a Northwest twist, we consistently deliver excellent food, made with local ingredients, at affordable prices. We offer a wide selection of local microbrews, the region’s largest variety of tequila, and a fantastic selection of cocktails in our spacious front room and the intimate Back Alley!

We are committed to the arts, as evidenced by our support for the best live local and national music, and our galleries showcasing Oregon’s best visual artists. Bombs is your place to eat, drink, dance and just enjoy time with friends and co-workers.

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Featured Music

Aug 28

Linden Wood and Jobe Woosley

9 p – $5
Linden Wood on Reverbnation
“I was born in Humboldt Co.California and have been rocking out ever since.Played my first gig at a grade school talent show in Bridgeville CA doing classic rock covers.I’ve been singing and playing guitar for 20 years. I have played in multiple bands,starting in California…then moving to Corvallis Oregon.Just never been satisfied with one certain genre..I write and play from my heart,and I don’t like to be censored. I am currently a vocalist and guitar player in two projects besides playing my solo tunes.A Metal/Rock band named 30 Pound Test and with country/hip hop singer Junior Raimey from time to time.I used to sing and play guitar with The Jenna Summer Smith Band performing (Funk/Rock/Blues/Country/Folk). And was formerly a member of Corvallis jam band & progressive rock super group Lost Tortoise and local metal bands Even In Death & Azrael.Music is my life and always will be.I have recently formed The Linden Wood Band, Members are Ashley Randle-back up vocals,Xion Zoa-Drums,vocals,Jason Ward-Bass Guitar,vocals.”
Jobe Woosley on Reverbnation
Jobe Woosley is 25 years old, and was born on the same day as front man Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. He has been playing string instruments since he was able to walk. He has been singing since he was able to talk. He started with an ukelele, and then he had his first toy guitar at 4, and began playing “rock star” imitating his favorite guitar player, Angus Young of AC/DC. At 8 years old he was taught how to play bass guitar, and started imitating Les Claypool of Primus. At 9 he was gifted his first “real” toy guitar, with a built in amplifier. He began to master some simple Metallica covers. At 10, he began playing the cello, he played a half-size, as he was too small to carry a full-size cello, turning it sideways and playing rock and roll on it. He was bought his first “real” guitar at 12, a Gibson Epiphone. It wasn’t long he was able to master a few rock covers. He also began to sing, and write his own songs, sometimes spending hours in his room writing and getting his songs down “just right.”

Aug 29

McDougall and Breaker One Nine

9 p – $5
McDougall Official Website
Folk – Blues – Funk “McDougall of Portland, Oregon, a one-man orchestra. Singing with an exaggerated bravado, he grabbed the attention of the crowd immediately. What truly impressed me was his ability to play the guitar (or banjo, as needed), keep the bass drum pounding, alternately clashing the cymbals, and even playing the harmonica, at times. Had I not been watching him, I would have sworn there were at least a couple other musicians up on stage.” Kelli Peterson – Colorado Music Buzz

Sep 2

Scott Ryan and Daniel Jones

8:30 p – Free
Scott Ryan on Facebook
Psychedelic/Soul/Pop singer songwriter
Daniel Jones (symmetry/symmetry) on Facebook
Keyboardist/vocalist from symmetry/symmetry performs solo tunes

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Local Artist: Jake Dorr

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