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2527 NW Monroe Ave.
Corvallis, OR 97330
(541) 757-7221


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Monday thru Friday
11am – Midnight
Sat.: 5pm – Midnight

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For more than 20 years, Bombs Away Café has been a vibrant part of the Corvallis and Oregon State University campus communities.

Serving Southwestern fare with a Northwest twist, we consistently deliver excellent food, made with local ingredients, at affordable prices. We offer a wide selection of local microbrews, the region’s largest variety of tequila, and a fantastic selection of cocktails in our spacious front room and the intimate Back Alley!

We are committed to the arts, as evidenced by our support for the best live local and national music, and our galleries showcasing Oregon’s best visual artists. Bombs is your place to eat, drink, dance and just enjoy time with friends and co-workers.

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Oct 2

Free Range Open Mic and 10 Barrel Brewing Tasting

Tasting: 6-8 p, Free
Music: 8 p, Free
In the spirit of fostering camaraderie in the Corvallis music scene and creation of new bands/projects, we give you Freerange Open Mic Night! This rotating event will move between Bombs Away Cafe and Cloud & Kelly’s Public House on alternating dates so that it occurs twice per month. It is our hope that the event will settle down to be on Thursday nights, but we’ll see what works best for all involved. It is our hope that this event will fill the three most sacred purposes of open mic nights:
- Giving new artists encouragement to keep playing and learn how to play in front of others.
- Getting area musicians to drink together, play together, and thus form new bands.
- Creating a scene of musicians who care about other musicians by giving them a reason and place to socialize.
Steve Hunter will be signing people up starting at 7pm!

Oct 3

Ludicrous Speed's Farewell Show

9:30 p – $5
Ludicrous Speed on Facebook
Come say goodbye to the locals that have played your favorite ska tunes, and some tunes that aren’t ska tunes, but in a way that made them sound like ska tunes! Better to burn out than fade away, right? Ska on!

Oct 4

Space Neighbors

10:00 pm, $5
Neighbors in CyberSpace
Corvallis’ own fab funksters are back with the force of 10,000 suns to atomize your apathy and blast you dancing into a new school year! Dress like an alien, ‘cause as far as everywhere else in the universe is concerned, you are one!

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Local Artist: Brooke Morgan

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