Music and Art at Bombs Away Cafe

Stay tuned to our music calendar for a great night out with your friends and great music. At Bombs Away we also feature the art of local artists. Find out more about our currently featured artists below.

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Featured Music

Feb 25

Crescendo Show + Noah Kite

9:30 || $5
The Crescendo Show are a mainstay of the Corvallis music scene, and they just keep getting better. Sowing their trail with folk-driven Americana and an electric flourish, this troupe of troubadors send sweet dusky melodies meandering through your mental landscape long after they’ve packed up and gone.
Noah Kite is a well-traveled singer/songwriter who currently resides in Portland, OR. He’ll be performing original songs with English Horn accompaniment that sets a thoughtful mood a bit like sitting in a gas-lit Victorian estate with a clear schedule and a copy of Music for Chameleons.

Mar 1

The Baron Ward

9:30 || Free
The Baron Ward : Love. Loyalty. Stalwart hedonism. Who else would you expect to be partying this hard on a Wednesday night? Don’t kid yourself, there are dozens of us! Dozens, I tell you! [Americana/90s]

Mar 3

Slow Burn & the Shady Bunch + Milkcrate Academics

9:30 || $5
Dust off your mixtapes cos there ain’t no karaoke screen and you’ll definitely want to sing along with the alternative anthems peppered throughout Slow Burn and the Shady Bunch’s life-lovin’ set. These guys helped us slam the door on 2016 and now they’re back to keep 2017 spinning with the skip-protection ON! [Alternative Rock (not facts)]
MIlkcrate Academics will be starting us off with an interactive lecture on the superiority of vinyl as a playback medium. Bring your own Blue Book. [DJ]

Mar 4

Bad Habit + The Macks

9:30 || $5
Bad Habit hails from Yakima, WA featuring Braden McDannell – former singer of Black Market Bargain – now behind the drum kit, infusing this punk/reggae concoction with infectious energy.
The Macks play swingin’ bluesy garage rock that ages well and sticks to the bones. [garage/indie rock]

Mar 8

OSU Music Production Collective Showcase

8:30 || Free
This group of students loves school so much they formed a club to make up extra assignments for themselves, and they actually do them?!? We’re proud of them for taking the initiative, but unfortunately, you can’t stick a song on the fridge with a magnet to make the less motivated siblings jealous, so we’re going to use the big magnets in our PA system to stick these projects in the air for all of you to hear!

Mar 10

Kulululu + Drag Rag + The Toads

9:30 || $5
Kulululu . Whether it’s a secret pronunciation of Cthulhu with a dash of echolalia, or a succession of nonsense syllables a la DaDa, one thing is certain: Kulululu are crazy. In a crazy way. You will laugh. You will cry. You will wake up to realize you hallucinated the whole thing. So. Worth. It. [Rock/performance art]
Drag Rag is a sit-com concept for a dysfunctional family band that was left on the cutting room floor by the heartless corporate overlords of public access television. Fortunately, saint Hagan heard the cries of this abandoned idea and decided to raise it as his own. It’s Archie Bunker meets Archie! on a stage near you! [Curb your Enthusiasm/Teletubbies]
The Toads : Think about being a guy who’s thinking about being a toad. Then get a guitar and learn to play the sweet licks in that toad’s mind. Toads got licks for days. [Power pop/Punk]

Mar 11

Scratchdog Stringband + Wooden Sleepers

9:30 || $5
Scratchdog Stringband plays danceable old-time music that makes you feel young and timeless. Pickin’, strummin’, thumpin’, walkin’ and bowin’ fit to flog the devil, these cats don’t quit ‘til each silky line soars free against the Oregon sky.
Wooden Sleepers is a folk-grass trio from Portland, OR. They’ll be warming up the crowd with some groovin’ bluegrass peppered with manly harmonies. [Bluegrass/Folk]

Mar 17

Rachelle DeBelle & the Jamfest Miracles + Linden Wood

9:30 || $5
Rachelle DeBelle brings her powerful voice and presence to our stage, backed by her all-star band the Jamfest Miracles. Hometown guitar hero Linden Wood will be pulling double duty – opening the show with some solo tunes and then playing lead guitar with the band. If acoustic-driven rock with a Lilith flair is your kind of St. Patty’s, you know where to find it! [Alternative Rock]

Mar 18

The Sam Chase + The Jackalope Saints

9:30 || $5
The Sam Chase is excited, if a bit bewildered, by being alive and carries enough feeling in his voice to fill a roomful of hearts with palpable optimism. Distinctive, heartfelt, and earnest without resorting to cliche – a refreshing bit of revolution. [Folk/Rock]
The Jackalope Saints are making americana great again with a full complement of classic instrumentation and a rare flair for compositional storytelling. Every facet of this musical gem has been polished to resplendence, maintaining a level of quality often sought, rarely captured. [Americana/Folk]

Mar 23

Light Thieves

*9:30 || $5 *
Fresh off the Treefort Music Festival Stage, Light Thieves will be making their second Bombs Away appearance, and we are especially excited to host them again. Not only do they boast some of the most awesome album artwork out there, their dreamy post-human psych-prog is a veritable garden of unearthly delights. They’ve got a whole new album dropping March 10th, which you should all be very eager to get your hands on…

Mar 24

Grit + Minor Anomaly

9:30 || $3
Grit brings the mosh with chugging, crunched-out riffs pummelling the audience into submission. They’ll be joined by Minor Anomaly , a new hard rock band featuring members of 30 Lb. Test. Best dig out those Pantera gym shorts and Iron Maiden headbands, you’re gonna get a workout.

Featured Artists

Featured Artist: Nicole Garrett

Our featured artist for February, 2017 is Nicole Garrett.

“Howdy! My name is Nicole Garrett and I’m an artsy-fartsy-kind-o-gal! I was hatched in the Bay Area, but raised and molded in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. Up north, surrounded by captivating mountains and lakes is where I really bonded with nature. At 18, my best friend and I moved to Oregon, and I have resided in the state ever since. There is something about the NW that just feels right in my bones.

I have always been creative, but it is within the past 10 years I feel I’ve really developed my skills. Painting is my forte, however constructing 3-D art while trying to incorporate recycled or found materials seems to be my new interest. Branches, antler sheds, feathers, stones, bones…anything of that nature gets my wheels turning!

Like all artists, I look forward to unexpected inspiration and education to help improve my passion, and bring my visions to fruition. I hope you enjoy my display of feminine beauty and earthy vibes. Mother Nature is my homegirl, and I thank her for providing me with the majority of my materials and for being the muse for my creations.

Should something strike your fancy, or if you’d like to propose a commission, please contact me via email at” -Nicole