About Bombs Away

In August 1991, Chef John Huyck moved to Corvallis, Oregon, and opened Bombs Away Café. Bombs Away’s menu – then and now – features Mexican, southwestern and Cajun traditional dishes, and homemade desserts.

John employed innovative cooking styles that use the freshest local and organic foods. John grew up in the southwest and from a young age was practically raised on the unique cuisine that the region has to offer. The unusual flavors and textures of this cuisine have been the thread that has run through John’s long career as a chef and restaurateur.

For 19 years, John owned and operated Bombs Away, building a legacy of excellence in creative food preparation, friendly service, and a deep connection to the arts. In 2010, John sold Bombs Away to Camille and Todd Palmer, two Oregon State University professors with strong ties to Corvallis. Both Camille and Todd received undergraduate degrees from Oregon State, were frequent patrons of Bombs Away, and friends of the Huyck family. [Todd and John have even been known to occasionally grace the stage at Bombs Away!]. Chef Curtis Monette has assumed the duties in the kitchen, maintaining the high standards for quality, creativity and flavor for which Bombs Away is well known. In the time the Palmers have owned Bombs Away, the nicest compliment they have received is “Bombs has new owners? We had no idea!” We continue to honor John’s commitment to spicy food from local/organic ingredients, Northwest microbrewed-beer and wines, and live entertainment from Corvallis, regional and national performers. Today, Bombs Away Café is still a thriving part of the Corvallis community. [See our vendor list for our local partners! and our Local organizations we have sponsored or donated to]

We are always looking to the future, setting responsible goals for Bombs Away. Our vision incorporates serving organic/local produce and hormone/antibiotic free meats and dairy. We feel that driving the restaurant in this direction is the responsible path for two reasons. First, the integrity and quality of the product sold will increase and second, it will support an industry (organic and clean farming) that is an important foundation of the community.

In addition to taking a more natural step in the products we sell, our goal is for Bombs Away Café, along with other local restaurants, to be a national model for sustainable restaurants. We feel that sustainability is very important in order to attempt to reduce the impact that restaurants have on the environment. The increasing market for natural products ensures that Bombs Away Café is moving forward along a responsible path.